About Us

Our Aim


The aim of The Community Lottery is to create an additional source of local funding that will enable community led organisations to undertake innovative projects that matter to them and make a difference to the communities they serve.


We hope that this will increase the range of opportunities community led organisations have to take action to improve the quality of people’s lives in their communities.

Our Values:


We care, we share: 

We want to see everyone win! Both individuals and good causes. When you win, good causes win.


We hear, we cheer: 

Send us information about your cause, the resources you lack, or how the funds raised will benefit you to apply eligibility.


We see, the opportunity: 

We encourage and champion platforms that develop skills/potential in the community that brings our the best in people.


We feel, we push for ideals: 

We aim to boost platforms for good causes to excel in their work and truly help the people they serve.


We build, we aim to fullfill:

Our desire is to be a part of the building blocks of the lives of individuals and good causes, we want to create and celebrate winners now and for the future.



Who are we?

We are the bridge between the community and the people. We are the eyes, ears and voices of everyday people from all walks of life who wish to fulfil, their purpose in serving their communities. We are champions of the underdog; we shine light on good causes that don't get the airtime, support and recognition they deserve.


Our desire to be the bridge of opportunity sits at the very core of our values; bringing people together, individuals and good causes alike fill us with pride, to create a better world, we must start with the community.


We are the change we wish to see in our community.


What exactly is The Community Lottery

Just like any other lottery, individuals can buy a ticket for £1 in the hope of winning a prize whilst making a valuable contribution to good causes. Play and help us reach our maximum pilot prize of £25,000.

For us, a good cause is one that connects people, places and ideas in ways that promote participation and inclusion, and contribute to resilient and culturally diverse communities that care for each other and the environment.


The Community Lottery will launch its monthly lottery on 1st August 2020 with a pilot lottery. For the pilot, a small number of community organisations have agreed to collaborate to launch this exciting funding opportunity Lottery.


Following the pilot, funding from our monthly lottery will be made available to community-led organisations that offer projects, activities, resources or services that focus on:

  • Children and Young People 

  • Enhancing the quality of life for elders within communities 

  • Preventing Violence

  • Promoting good mental health

  • Increase use of outdoor spaces

  • Broadening the horizons of the communities they serve



Who gets the funding will be decided with the support of local community committees made up of interested community members who will support us to review applications for funding.


How to win money for your Good Cause

Are you a good cause, community leader voluntary organisation community group or charity? 


In order for your good cause to have the opportunity to win funding for your next project, you simply submit a 60 second clip telling us about your good cause and complete our contact form. 


We ask you to post your video submission on your social media and gain the public support to make it into the shortlist for our selection.


Depending on the causes that make it into the final stage by achieving community support on social media, the winnings will be divided amongst those selected. 


If you have a phone, access to the internet and you consider yourself to be a good cause then you can enter. 

Once we have acknowledged your 60 second, please kindly tag us and upload it to your social media platforms. The more support to get from your community at large, the more change your good cause has to win!


Our Eligible Good Causes


EYLA's aim is to create leaders of character and purpose for tomorrow's world, drawn from those most in need in grassroots communities. One of The Community Lottery's first good causes.


Visit for more information.


IMAP is a social enterprise which endeavors to support children and young people's natural drive to play and improve their health, well-being and experiences. One of the first Community Lottery good causes.


Our Team

The Community Lottery is brought to you by Dr Eleanor Aymer who over the past 40 years has delivered life changing programs for some of the worlds poorest communities. 

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Dr Eleanor Aymer

Nature's Playground 

Marlena Harris-Morgan  - 

TCL Communications

Reshma Pattni -

TCL Research & Development

The Community Lottery's committee is made up of community leaders, entrepreneurs, members of the community and academics. Together they bring you The Community Lottery. If you would like to join us please contact us for more information.